About Alexa Black

Hello lovely ladies, and men you are very welcome too.

My name is Alexa Black, I’m in my mid-twenties and have recently recovered from a Quarter-life Crisis. It seems as though the day after you graduate you are expected to have miraculously planned your entire career, have a stable long-term boyfriend and to have moved out of your comfy parents nest and into a house share in London. Well I failed on all three of those expectations. I graduated from university with plans to go travelling but no firm idea on the career front, a dysfunctional and volatile one-year relationship, and an overdraft which left no room for leaving home.

Three years on and minus the rocky-relationship, I want to share my experiences and wisdom – I hesitate to call it “wisdom”, coping strategies may be more fitting.

My views on men may seem cynical, sweeping and generalised, but I want to make clear, at least here if nowhere else on my blog, that I do not believe that ALL of the male species is evil. Some of them are lovely. But it just so happens that the majority of boys whom I date, are not. In fact, in terms of friendships, almost every boy you meet is lovely. But the second they get a whiff of relationship territory, they become emotionally-unavailable, walking boners with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

If you think this blog sounds like your cup of tea, please read on and enjoy!
Snogs to you all