Why I Love Being Single…

“If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right” – In the words of the fabulous film: How To Be Single

Working in a caring profession means I’m CONSTANTLY explaining why I’m single. When you’re looking after people, they come to see you in a heavenly light, and despite a lack of makeup and greasy ponytail, they “just can’t understand why you’re single?!”. Well, miscellaneous client, aged 40+, I’m single by choice. Times have changed since you were on the dating scene.

Contrary to my father’s concerns, I don’t have to get married and have ten thousand babies tomorrow, I’m only 24. I can have my own independent and completely selfish life now, and with the help of changing attitudes and science, give up my freedom and control of my pelvic floor, when I’ve finished having fun.
Sure, if you’re with your soulmate, that’s great, lucky you. But I’m NOT going to settle, so until I meet The Dream, I’m going to make the most of my single status.

Until a couple of years ago, I’d spent most of my life, either in serious relationships or looking for them. I never fully immersed myself in myself. But since becoming single I’ve come to realise that it is a blessing, not a curse. So what should we love about being single?

  • I have never had stronger friendships in my life. So many people fall into the stereotype of not prioritising their friends when they’re in a relationship. I have to admit, i’ve been guilty of this myself. Now that I’m man-free, my friends are my world. And friendships > romantic relationships any day. How often do you argue with your friends? Do you ever get caveman jealous when your bestie’s on a night out? Does your fave gal care if your new top is “too revealing”?
  • When I plan my future, it’s all about what I want. Move 4 hours away to a new city, travel, get a job abroad: My choice.
  • Christmas was SO cheap this year. It’s not just presents for him, you’ve gotta impress his family too: But what about extended family? What if I get them something, and they don’t get anything for me? How much are we spending? Cue awkward exchange. Not to mention, no boyfriend’s birthday, anniversairy, valentines day, easter blah blah blah.
  • Nights out are fun again! Getting shit-hot for who-knows-who and then watching heads turn as you and your friends show up for cocktails looking fierce: hello sky high confidence Not knowing what the night has in store for you: Awesome. Shamelessly flirting with men you don’t fancy for free


    drinks? Ok, I don’t condone this… but I do do it – Fernando, I’m looking at you. Bumping into Tinder hotties who you never would have made the effort to blind-date with: convenient. Returning home as the sun rises after playing hide and seek in the hotel garden you found your way into after you got kicked out of the club: just so much fun. I love my coupled-up friends and they are SO much fun too, but even they will admit, the desire to go “out-out” has lessened since they found The One.

  • So. Much. More. Me-Time. I take sooooo many more baths now. I’ve also taken up yoga, rejoined the gym, perfected my hair curling skills, trained for a half-marathon, I even have enough time for a second job – Hello travelling plans. And I’ll tell you what I haven’t done since a certain person left my life: watched ANY sports on TV, been to ANY social occasions I didn’t want to go to, given up ANY of my plans to appease someone else… I could go on.

If you don’t already love being single, don’t worry, it can take some time to get used to, and yes, everyone has their bad days, but ultimately I’m sure you’ll come to find that the benefits of being single far outweigh the negatives. As I write this, my gorgeous labrador who is sat on the sofa with me, has laid her head on my hands and across the keyboard making typing especially difficult, a simple reminder of how stifling and limiting a boyfriend can be – Surely a sign from the gods?