Ok I take it all back, there’s more to Fabio than met my eye on our first date. I wasn’t expecting much from date number two, but I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s a little play-by-play of our date:

So i’m driving to his house to pick him up for bowling. I’m wearing skfart1.jpgin tight black jeans with a skin tight black top and…. I need to fart. My pre-date logic says, fart-away, having that gas in my tum is only gonna bloat it out into what I call, The Front-Bum (I hope I’m not the only one to experience this). In any case, more farting = flatter tummy.

Next thing I know, I’m struck by a sudden feeling of hunger, being the health-guru that he is, he wants to meet at 6:30pm so as not to disrupt his early night sleeping pattern, so I haven’t had any dinner. But I do have a bag of “candy” given to me by Travis, the Canadian who you may remember from ‘Why do we love the bad boys‘. I reach back to find the bag, but then my better judgement says NO, DO NOT EAT CHOCOLATE BEFORE YOU MEET THE PERSONAL TRAINER, HE WILL SURELY SMELL IT ON YOU AND CANCEL THE DATE TO PUT YOU ON A TREADMILL INSTEAD.

Food cravings overcome, I arrive at his place. I press the door bell and then OH NO, another fart. I consider how far away I need to be from the door for there to be no smell apparent when he opens it. But I have to balance the need for distance with the need not to look insane when he opens the front door. I settle for a wander around the front, pretending to be intrigued by the broken wall. It works a treat.

He lets me in and takes me to the kitchen while he finds his wallet. The smell of boiled broccoli and grilled chicken is rife. I have a nosey around, Echinacea tea catches my eye, I’m pretty sure thats actually a skin condition.

Eventually we leave his health-haven, in my car he notices Essential RnB (released in 2004). Apparently I get 5 points for being into hip-hop and RnB. We cruised up to Bowling, Return of the Mac, blarring. We bowled, we played arcade games, we played pool. I have honestly never laughed so much with a boy in my life, this amazing sense of humour and capacity for fun seems to have come out of nowhere. Or maybe first dates are not an accurate depiction of a person anyway, there are too many nerves and pressures to impress.


And then he pulled out his best move, he took me to a restaurant to make sure I had dinner afterall.

As we snogged goodbye in my car (after an awkward initiation involving me high-fiving him when he meant to hold my hand), Destiny’s Child and R Kelly in the background (does life get any old-school?), he revealed that I got 2 extra points for being a good kisser. Go me! Although maybe I should be offended that my kissing expertise warranted less merit than my taste in music. The neck ache the next day from the classic car-smooch-conundrum, was definitely worth it.

I’m now faced with a potentially perfect guy and impending “seeing” situation, will he be enough for me to relinquish my single status and sacrifice my freedom? Only time will tell, for now, we’re going to watch the University Basketball on Saturday.

Lots of Alexa love xxx